Highlights PCR Local pod Salerno 19/05

di Angelo Silverio, Michele Bellino, Marco di Maio e Mario Centore

The 3th day of EuroPCR from Salerno local POD goes away. We all have learned a lot. Especially to be well together once again. During the day, we shared several sessions. In particularly we enjoyed to deepen the tips and tricks for the optimal management of calcific lesions, bifurcations, and left main coronary artery disease.

We had the confirmation that complex procedures as widely shared by prof.  Fajadet and his collegues , can be managed by radial approach, to minimize hemorrahagic complications , even for treatment of peripheral vascular procedure. But we have not missed the interventional procedures for Structural Heart Disease, particularly the TAVI procedure. We have  had the opportunity to watch the”replay” of the live case from St Thomas’Hospital showing a case  of  transfemoral   approach to TAVI procedure with Sapien 3. The operators emphasized the need to facilitate the procedure by reducing the need for arterial access as well.

We had the opportunity to discuss on site with prof. Raoul Bonan analyzing this innovation step by step. And last but not least we looked into the topic of the trips and tricks for transseptal puncture  and for  the implemental cusp overlap in TAVI procedure and commissural alignment of transcatheter valves to respect the coronary ostia and to prepare (eventually) the younger patient, for a subsequent implantation (TAVI in TAVI).